12/26/2012 12:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mexican Holiday Food: Prepare For New Year's Eve And 'Reyes'

By Michael Lopez


Have we all had our fill of Christmas tamales yet? We think not! Sure Old St. Nick has come and gone, but with new year’s parties approaching, now is a pivotal time to embrace the yumminess of Mexico’s holiday delicacies.

Though it may be tough to whip up mini Chile en Nogadas for your NYE guests, this dish is probably the tastiest winter treat of them all. The seasonal entree requires pomegranates, pears, cream cheese, and walnuts, all stuffed in a ripened green pepper. Then blend together cream cheese, milk and nuez de castilla for the signature white sauce (or head to your favorite Mexican restaurant and just order it).

Rosca de Reyes is still very much in season and will go perfect for the January 6 Three Kings Day celebration. Shaped like a wreath, this sweet bread is decorated with figs, lemon, cherries and mango. Make sure you watch that oven though, because it needs to baked just enough to retain the soft, fluffy texture our Tres Reyes would appreciate.

If you’re looking for easy appetizers for your new year’s bash, you can never go wrong with Arroz con Leche. This holiday dessert tastes great while watching the ball drop and mostly just consists of rice pudding and condensed milk. Just make sure to serve it hot with a side of cinnamon shakers.

As we mentioned before, tamales have become a Christmas staple of Mexican households. And what makes them great is that they taste fantastic any time of the day. Our suggestion is to have some ready for new year’s morning as a nice hangover treat for those party guests who wound up crashing on your couch.

And let’s not forget a nice cocktail concoction to complete the set. Instead of champagne, offer your amigos an egg nog margarita when the clock strikes midnight. All they require is a carton of nog, a shot of tequila, a little bourbon and some cinnamon garnish. Throw it in the shaker and you’ll have a very lively new year’s fiesta this Monday night.

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