12/27/2012 01:31 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

Product Designer Daniel LiCalzi Redesigns Tiny 271 Square Foot Brooklyn Apartment

As a product designer, Daniel LiCalzi spends his days focusing on home goods, interiors and space design. Which is why taking on the redesign of his own tiny apartment seemed like the perfect way to use his expertise. His 271-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn, NY is located on the third floor. There's a clear view of the trees out his window, which gives the illusion that it's actually perched in the branches. And ironically, it isn't much bigger than most tree houses.

Figuring out how to create space, he notes, is actually like a design project in itself. So since LiCalzi needed a way to transform this small abode into a place where he can live and work, he implemented his innovative design skills and added features that really open up the apartment and make use of what space there is. By installing features like a lofted bed, stairs with built-in storage and cabinets and shelves built into every nook and cranny, LiCalzi has truly multiplied the room within these narrow walls.

He's also designed a few items himself to add some spunk to his space. A window AC unit topped with synthetic grass and a very unique footstool made from shoe soles add character to his home and really reflect who LiCalzi is and what he does.

Watch the video above to learn more about LiCalzi's tiny apartment and the thought process behind all of his innovative design ideas and click through the slideshow below to see another amazing tiny house.

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