12/27/2012 02:01 pm ET

Paraguay Orchestra Built From Garbage: Children Perform Classical Music From Recycled Trash (VIDEO)

In the small town of Cateura, Paraguay, a local group of teenagers is making sure we all hear the touching story about how they created a grand orchestra with recycled instruments made with garbage.

"The Orchestra of Instruments Recycled From Cateura" is the protagonist of the "Landfill Harmonic" documentary that portrays the journey of 20 young people who live in one of the largest landfills in the South American country, where their families work collecting trash.

With objects like cans, aluminum bowls and food utensils rescued from piles of debris, these ingenious musicians have managed to transform their reality into beautiful symphonies from distinguished figures like Mozart and Beethoven.

"We want to provide a way out of the landfill for these kids and their families. So we're doing the impossible so that they can travel outside Paraguay, to become renowned and admired," Favio Chavez, a social worker and music teacher who started the orchestra, told the Associated Press.

The group, which has already been able to perform in Brazil, Panama and Colombia this year, expect to travel next year to Phoenix, Arizona, where they will perform at the Musical Instrument Museum on a special event created to honor their work.

Take a look at this truly amazing project, and get to know more about their story on the video above.



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