12/28/2012 10:54 am ET

Misty May Talks Life Without Volleyball -- And Why She Won't Be Appearing On Reality Television

Misty May-Treanor won three consecutive gold medals with her teammate, Kerri Walsh, in Athens, Beijing and most recently in London, to become the only duo ever to accomplish such a feat. The Los Angeles native won a national championship at Long Beach State, where she captained the 49ers to the first-ever undefeated season in college volleyball history. Having retired from competition after the London games, the 35-year-old is now enjoying golf with her dad, leading the charge for Abreva cold sore treatment, and has even appeared in the NBC hit comedy series "Go On."

May-Treanor sat down with The Huffington Post to bring us up to speed.

What's it been like for you without having that competitive factor you're so used to?

I really want to watch the videos of the matches; I haven't seen them because I haven't sat down long enough. I'm so used to working out four to six hours a day, that I feel lazy when I do my one-hour class. I don't have to work out with the same intensity.

Is that a good thing?

I'm going out and playing golf with my dad, so there's still that competitive side. I'm staying pretty busy, but family is our number one goal. I was talking to my dad on the golf course the other day and I was like, 'I don't know how I can be so calm and collected with volleyball -- tuning out things, and my heart is slower -- but on the golf course, nobody is around but my heart is racing. I have to hit this little white ball!' But it's just been enjoying the time that I've had to sacrifice in order to make those dreams come true.

What else are you doing to achieve that competitive feeling, other than golf and shorter workouts?

That's about it, because I don't feel that I need that competitiveness every day. For me, it's about relaxing at home and catching up with friends and family. I sit and I watch the football games.

You clearly built such a special friendship with Kerri. How often are you two talking these days?

We'll catch up, like I texted her today and last night, but as far as seeing each other, we will at appearances more often, just because we live in different areas and she's got her number three [child] on the way.

Have you played volleyball since London?

Yeah, I played with my dad, and was out in Hawaii playing. I've played maybe like two times. Normally during this time, even if it was a regular offseason for me, I wouldn't be touching a ball until January, February; now I'd start running on the track and lifting weights and doing more the physical aspect.

Have you changed your diet as a result?

Not necessarily, maybe just eating a little less. But I'm not going to steer clear if I feel like a brownie! I'm not normally a sweet eater anyways. If there was chips and salsa and dip, I'd go for that. I think what it is now, is that I have to be more conscious of water intake and what I'm eating throughout the day. Now that I'm not training that much, I'm not carrying a water bottle around with me. I need to make sure that I hydrate and that when I'm hungry, I get something to eat.

You mentioned you still haven't watched the London Olympics. When can you actually take some time to watch the videos?

I hate to say it but I haven't really watched any videos. I don't like to watch myself a lot. I'll watch if I'm trying to learn a technique, but I still haven't really watched the Athens games. I've watched the China one a little.

How different has it been with your husband, Matt, [a professional baseball player], this offseason?

He started training, so I'll go do the track workouts with him. I want to make sure I can help him in any way he needs help. Now is my time to do the side stuff that both of us would have to do, coming home tired from workouts during the week.

You recently appeared on the TV show "Go On," with Matthew Perry. What about reality TV? Will we be seeing you there as well?

Oh no, steer clear. It only brings problems, I think. Isn't life crazy enough? I couldn't see cameras following me around.

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