12/28/2012 02:23 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2012

'Only In Miami' On Twitter: The Week's Best #OnlyInMiami Tweets

"That awkward moment when you're chillin' at your friend's house and an emu walks by the window."

We're in love with the 'OnlyinMiami' hashtag on Twitter for providing tiny 140-character haikus of our weird, weird city: spin instructors doling out Cuban coffee, lamborghinis parked in front of discount stores, used-car dealerships that double as chicken farms.

This week, Tweeters take on the end of the world (which apparently runs on Cuban time), a tropical Christmas, and nochebuena injuries like almost cutting off your finger while slicing the lechón.

Click below for the best tweets of the week tagged with 'only in Miami.'

The week's best 'Only in Miami' tweets