12/28/2012 05:44 am ET Updated Dec 28, 2012

'Shocking Family Secrets': Terrorist Husband Sends Wife To Prison Camp To Be Tortured, Raped (VIDEO)

Lori's story on "Shocking Family Secrets" was a horrible saga of torture and suffering. She was happily married to a man named Mohammed and moved to Iran with him. But there, he became controlling.

Mohammed beat her, and then she found out he was going to anti-American meetings. She was trapped, and later told by authorities that she would need her husband's permission if she wanted to go back to the U.S. In September 2001, her husband told her "something was going to happen in America." When she tried to call home, operators wouldn't put her through.

"I still have guilt and nightmares because I couldn’t get through to warn anybody," Lori said.

After 9/11, Mohammed told Lori that that he was part of a ring that had helped get terrorists into the United States. Finally, he coldly dismissed her, sending her to a prison camp. The women there were tortured and raped. Eventually, Faresh told Lori that her brother had worked something out with the guard and they were being let go.

Once free of the prison, Lori was miraculously able to make her way back to America. Since then, she's written a book about her harrowing experience.

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