12/28/2012 06:57 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Top 10 Sports Tweets 2012: The NOC Presents The Year's Best Athlete Tweets Set To Song (VIDEO)

Retrospectives and "best of" lists are inescapable this time of year, so why not enjoy the countdowns with some music?

The NOC -- the people who brought you Dwight Howard's "Save the Centers" PSA and this epic "Some Nights" World Series parody -- presents the ultimate list of athletes on Twitter, compiling the Top 10 Sports Tweets of 2012 and setting the messages to an original tune.

Sung by New York singer/songwriter Michelle Ferreira, the list highlights such insightful jock philosophers as LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kris Humphries. The featured tweets include:

Some athletes tend to do themselves more harm than good on Twitter, while others use the platform to perform wonderful, selfless deeds.

Here's to hoping 2013 brings just as much generosity as gaffes in 140 characters or less.