12/28/2012 12:57 am ET Updated Dec 28, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012: The 15 TV Characters We'd Party With On December 31

New Year's Eve is almost upon us, which means parties, fireworks and the dilemma of who to kiss at midnight.

Primetime boasts a whole host of memorable characters -- both those we love and those we love to hate -- but while we're happy to spend an hour with them every week, that doesn't necessarily mean we'd want to invite them into our homes for a party.

With that in mind, HuffPost TV has rounded up 15 TV characters who we think would liven up any New Year's Eve celebration -- whether they can work a little magic, like Rumplestiltskin or Barney Stinson, or regale us with tales about their adventures in space or parallel universes, like Walter Bishop or a certain Time Lord. Check out our list below and hit the comments to tell us which fictional characters you'd like to spend New Year's Eve with -- and which you think would be total party poopers.

Characters We'd Spend New Year's Eve With