12/29/2012 10:14 am ET

5 Daily Rituals To Manage Work Stress

Generally, I’m pretty well-tuned into my work-life merge and stress-busting routines, often awakening prior to the blaring of the alarm.ᅡᅠLike clockwork, my body anticipates that first moment of “breath work” practice, meditation andᅡᅠ a few yoga poses. But it wasn’t always like this. And honestly, things don’t always go as planned, every day.

While there is a routine I keep going back to,ᅡᅠ it wasn’t designed over night. It took a while to implement small changes in my daily schedule, and also to surrender to the fact that a perfect formula for work-life balance does not exist. Still, you can make small changes, over time, toward transforming the way you respond to work stress and cultivate resilience.

Managing work-life stress or work stress in general is not a perfect science, but just as I’ve developed my own stress reducing yoga practice, I’ve instituted certain rituals toward overall well-being, especially in my work day. One can weave ones own tapestry of stress management methods, designing practices that are individual and work for you.

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