12/31/2012 04:17 am ET

'Sister Wives' Finale: Logan Leaves For College, Becomes First Child To Move Out (VIDEO)

It was a major milestone for Logan and the entire Brown family on the season finale of "Sister Wives." Logan was getting ready to head off for college, making him the first of the large clan to move away from home. Patriarch Kody was struggling with the emotions of the occasion.

"I’m mixing these two emotions," he said. "This excitement that he has to get out and see the world, coupled with my melancholy."

As a going-away present, the family all signed their names on a "virginity quilt." The quilt had pictures of all of their faces on it as well, and was intended to serve as a reminder for Logan to maintain his virginity until marriage.

While he balked a bit upon first seeing it, he ultimately decided it was a touching gesture from the family.

The Browns are members of the Apostolic United Brethren Church. While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has officially rejected polygamy, the Brown family openly continues with the practice.

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