01/01/2013 10:29 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

New Year's 2013: HuffPost Gay Voices Readers Reveal Their Hopes and Dreams

It's a new year and many of us have big plans and dreams for 2013. Whether pursuing a new career or finding love, we all are hoping for the very best in the coming months. Recently, we turned to our ever-expanding Twitter family to find out what they wished both for themselves and for our community in 2013. The replies were numerous and beautiful.

Here's what we asked:

Below, you'll find a round up of many of the hopes and wishes for 2013 that you sent us on Twitter. Share your own wishes in the comments and scroll all the way to the bottom for a few special HuffPost Gay Voices family members, we'd like to send some special love to as we enter the new year.

Reader Hopes for 2013

We wanted to shed a little extra light on these HuffPost Gay Voices family members who shared some very personal wishes for 2013. Let's all send them a little love and support in their journey this year!