01/02/2013 02:32 pm ET

Kanye West's Baby Announcement Sends Message That Baby Isn't About Making Money

Media insiders were left scratching their heads after singer Kanye West announced Sunday night that he was expecting a baby with his girlfriend, reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Historically, the Kardashian family is known for making money off big announcements by selling the information to different weekly magazines, but this time Kanye gave it away for free.

“Because of the new year, all the weekly magazines had an early closing schedule. They had to close on Friday, not Monday,” one weekly editor tells The Huffington Post. “This week's Us Weekly features a cover of Kourtney's baby weight loss that was sold to them. That’s what makes this announcement so special. It's Kanye telling the family that not everything has to be about money.”

In the past, the Kardashians have sold everything from wedding and baby pictures to parties and weight loss stories to the weekly magazines, making them a lot of money and selling a lot of magazines.

“Kris Jenner [the girls' mother and manager] is the one that negotiates all the deals,” one family insider says. “She is a business genius and the one that has made the family rich and famous. She doesn't take lightly when any of the girls go rogue on her, and certainly isn’t going to appreciate it if Kanye now thinks he is calling the shots.”

Kim’s baby news does not appear on any weekly magazine this week, proving no one was tipped off or sold the breaking baby news.



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West