01/02/2013 02:20 pm ET Updated Jan 02, 2013

Siberian Husky Lake Michigan Rescue: Pup Pulled From Freezing Lake By CFD Scuba Unit

Story by Benjamin Woodard, courtesy of DNAinfo Chicago

ROGERS PARK — The gods smiled favorably upon Zeus the Siberian husky Tuesday night.

The 20-month-old pup braved a half-hour in icy Lake Michigan waters before being rescued by the Chicago Fire Department's Scuba Unit.

(See more photos of the rescue at DNAinfo Chicago.)

During the rescue, responders lost sight of Zeus, who appeared to have fallen through the ice.
“I was torn apart about it,” said Chris Roberts, 33, who had let his dog off the leash to run free on the beach.

But Zeus didn't stay on safe, solid ground. He took off onto perilous Lake Michigan ice.

“I was calling him, calling him, calling him, 'Zeus, where you at?'” said Roberts, who lives nearby in Rogers Park.

It was Zeus' call back, a faint whimper, that allowed the scuba unit to find the husky further north up the beach, struggling in water off the 75 feet of ice stretching from the lakefront.

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