01/03/2013 02:08 am ET

'Chicago Fire': Sarah Shahi's Renee Takes A Job In Madrid, Complicating Things With Severide (VIDEO)

Fans of Sarah Shahi's turn as Renee Royce on "Chicago Fire" were saddened by the latest developments. In the first new episode of the new year, Renee told Kelly Severide one of those things that can destroy almost any relationship. She'd accepted a job in Madrid -- as in Spain.

No matter their best efforts, it is very difficult to maintain a happy and healthy relationship over such a distance, and Renee and Severide hadn't even been together all that long.

Despite this, Renee did tell him, "It’s funny because we've only dated a couple times, but it just feels like longer, doesn't it?"

Severide agreed, and he further committed to coming and seeing her in Spain, but will he? Shahi's main gig as the lead actress on USA's "Fairly Legal" came to an end with the cancellation of that show, so she's potentially available to recur on "Chicago Fire," but would that be the right move for Severide's character?

Find out how it all plays out on "Chicago Fire," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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