01/03/2013 11:36 am ET

Richard Carmona May Run For Arizona Governor In 2014

Richard Carmona may take another stab at statewide office in Arizona.

The Puerto Rican-descended, New York-raised former Bush II-era surgeon general who nearly won an Arizona Senate seat is considering a run for governor, the Arizona Republic reports.

“He’s looking at all his options,” Carmona’s spokesman Andy Barr told the Republic. “I think if he were to run, the infrastructure would be in place, support would be in place, money would be in place for him. He’s gotten a lot of calls from folks encouraging him to run.”

If Carmona does decide to run for governor of Arizona he may face sitting Gov. Jan Brewer -- the one who signed SB 1070 into law, setting off a wrestling match with the federal government over control of immigration policy.

The state Constitution, as amended in 1992, prohibits people from serving more than two consecutive terms -- including partial terms. Brewer replaced Janet Napolitano as governor in 2009 and began her second term the next year.

But Brewer doesn’t seem to think constitutional restriction on term limits applies to her.

"I haven't ruled anything out," Brewer said last month when asked if she’d go for a third term, according to Bloomberg. "I'm doing my job as governor. I have two more years."

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, the architect of the ban of a controversial Mexican American Studies program in Tucson, is also considering a run for governor on the Republican ticket. Public scrutiny over an alleged campaign finance scandal, an alleged affair and a hit-and-run car accident may weaken his chances, however. Horne denies the allegations.



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