01/03/2013 07:09 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Yoga For Dudes Comes To San Francisco

Stuff dudes like: football, hot chicks, beer pong, video games, Bud Light Platinums and, of course, yoga.


That's what Leila Burrows, co-founder of San Francisco-based yoga studio The Pad, is hoping to add to the list with a new "Yoga For Dudes" class starting next month.

"Our studio has a 75 percent female population," explained Burrows. "Guys can get intimidated when they're in a room full of women wearing Lulumemon who can easily slide into all the poses. Guys like to do what they're good at."

These classes will feature an attractive, spandex-clad female yoga instructor, a hard rockin' soundtrack and a routine of poses specifically designed for dudes, who tend to be stronger but significantly less flexible than women.

"The entire class will be geared toward setting up men for success," Burrows said. "But, yoga is not gender-specific, it's meant to bring a sense of calm, peace and clarity."

She noted once a lot of men overcome that initial level of discomfort, they tend to not only have fun, but find their yoga also brings benefits to other sports like running, snowboarding and weightlifting.

The Pad is offering a series of four 60-minute, men-only classes at its newly expanded Marina studio beginning in early February and will then consider whether to offer them on a permanent basis.

Men's yoga classes have started to spread around the country in recent years after a Broga® studio opened in Massachusetts aimed at getting more men interested in yoga.

Today Health explains a little more of what "Broga" entails:

Familiar language is used and little, if any, Sanskrit. There's familiar music in the background, maybe some Radiohead, Bob Dylan and The Black Keys -- and not an Eastern soundtrack.

And there's a different vibe: There's little reference to the spiritual side of yoga, although more advanced classes may go there if participants are ready for it.

In 2011, a hotel near San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf hosted a conference exclusively focusing on yoga for men with the tagline, "What if you could be more virile than Hugh Hefner, more motivated than Tony Robbins, calmer then Buddha and cooler than James Bond?"

"Broga" has been growing so quickly that London-based named it as one of the top words of 2012, along with "Superstorm" and "Fiscal Cliff."