01/04/2013 10:15 am ET

Chefs Fight With Knives Over Chicken

The phrase "food fight" evokes memories of childhood frivolity, in which the only weapons involved are, well, food. A more serious sort of food fight broke out this week at a Fontana Chinese in the Cattawade, near Brantham, Essex, after two chefs began arguing over who would cut up a chicken breast.

The quarrel escalated into a knife fight -- the chefs had been cutting vegetables at the time -- and resulted in burns, bruises and a five-centimeter cut on the victim's head. Eater National writes that Xian Chen, who reportedly initiated the altercation, has been sentenced to 12 weeks of jail time.

According to The Daily Mail, "the incident sparked a manhunt on land and in the air as police searched for the chef for nearly three hours after he fled the scene."

So THAT'S why professional chefs are always bugging us about getting our knives sharpened on a regular basis.



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