01/04/2013 12:22 pm ET

Dale Blumer Ran Meth Lab Out Of Iowa Day Care Center, Cops Say

Financial experts often stress the importance of diversifying one's business assets, but a man in Davenport, Iowa, may have taken that too far: He's accused of running a meth lab in the same location as a daycare center.

Police arrested Dale Blumer on Dec. 30 on a felony charge of manufacturing methamphetamine in his home, where his live-in girlfriend, Amanda Taylor, runs a daycare facility, according to the Quad Cities Times.

Arresting officers found several ingredients used in making methamphetamine, as well as guns and ammunition. It hasn't been determined whether the actual drug was in the home, the Associated Press reported.

Officers said the suspect did admit to making meth there about 20 times in the past couple months, WHBF-TV reported.

A police spokesperson couldn't confirm whether or not children were present in the daycare during the arrest, but authorities are still looking into the matter, Geobeats reported.

As might be expected, Blumer's neighbors are shocked by the allegations.

Shane Voisine, who lives next door, told WHBF-TV that he can't believe no one knew what was actually going on behind closed doors.

"I find it odd that it can go on for this long. I see a lot of parents picking up their kids after school and going in and out of the house. I mean, I've never been there, but their kids play with my kids," he told the station.



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