01/04/2013 11:07 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Farting Chef? Anonymous NYC Chef Claims In Craigslist Post To Have Farted On All 37 Employees

Chefs make their careers out of tastefulness, so it's a little unsettling when a chef boasts about his or her's propensity for flatulence, and in particular, flatulence directed towards other people.

In a bizarre Craigslist post that has since been removed, an anonymous chef claiming to work in the West Village says he or she's farted on "all 37" of his or her co-workers.

Grub Street reports that the chef confessed to being fairly well-known:

"I dont know if I would call myself world famous. But I am definitely known in and around NYC," adding that he's had "several specials on foodnetwork [sic]."

"I think I will post the story of every single persons very own and original fart on here every night for 37 nights...Some are really good ones, some are just farts, but I will let you be the judge."

We're not sure if we believe the bizarre account quite yet. Penis dumplings? Sure. But farting chefs? If anyone has any more information, or is one of the chef's alleged victims, let us know in the comments below!