01/04/2013 10:39 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Pushes For Gay Marriage In Illinois

Jesse Tyler Ferguson might be busy planning his own forthcoming nuptials, but that didn't stop the "Modern Family" star from hitting the pavement to push for marriage equality in Illinois.

"I can't imagine who's a fan of ['Modern Family'] would want to deny Mitchell and Cameron the chance to get married, if for nothing else, for amazing TV," Ferguson, who is openly gay, told the crowd during a stop in Springfield. "A vote for marriage equality today does not diminish the unions of millions of citizens enjoying traditional marriage. It does nothing to threaten this infrastructure, and yet a vote for marriage equality does everything for us."

Ferguson and his fiance Justin Mikita have also launched a not-for-profit organization called "Tie the Knot" that sells limited edition bow ties, with proceeds going to charitable organizations that support same sex marriage.

Although an Illinois Senate committee voted in favor of a measure to allow same-sex marriage earlier this week, the absence of a number of supportive lawmakers in Springfield delayed a floor vote, according to the Associated Press.

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