01/04/2013 12:35 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2013

Josh Hutcherson On 'MTV After Hours': 'Hunger Games' Actor Is A 'Sensitive Guy' (VIDEO)

Josh Hutcherson is one sensitive dude.

The "Hunger Games" actor appeared on "MTV After Hours" during a segment called "Sensitive Guys 101," wherein he claims that he cries at least twice a day -- "there's the morning cry and then the shower cry at the end of the night every night" -- and would "never" cut in front of anyone while standing in line.

Hutcherson told host Josh Horowitz, who regularly puts celebrities in compromising positions during the comical show, that he is "very proud of being a sensitive guy."

"It's one of my favorite things about myself," Hutcherson says as mood-setting elevator music plays in the background of the video.

Horowitz poses a series of sensitive-guy questions to Hutcherson, including which pie the actor thinks is the best to give someone who's grieving. (The answer: black currant.)

During the "nice-guy affirmations" portion of the segment, Hutcherson shows off his affectionate side, providing examples of flattering remarks he would feed to women, including, "I love what you're wearing, it really flatters you -- not that you need it."

"Amy, Courtney, Jessica, Amanda, Brittany, Tiffany, Lory Ann -- I will protect you," the actor jokes.

The humorous segment concludes with Hutcherson urging people to "stay sensitive" before he and Horowitz embrace to make up for their "rough day."



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