01/04/2013 07:16 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, Denver No-Kill Shelter Has Over 100 Dogs Available For Adoption (PHOTOS)

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center in Denver has over 100 dogs who are just waiting to go home.

The no-kill shelter was started in 1988 by veterinarian Dr. Bill Suro and his wife Nanci Suro who owned and operated an animal hospital with 24-hour emergency care.

However one evening, a dog was hit by a car and brought in by a good Samaritan, who paid for the dog's immediate medical care. After 10 days of not finding the dog's owner, the dog faced euthanasia at another shelter. With a fishbowl set at the veterinary counter and a yard sale, the Suros were able to raise more than enough money to pay for the dog's orthopedic surgery for his additional fractures and MaxFund was born.

The dog, who had been named "Max" by staff members, was eventually adopted by a fellow veterinarian and moved with his new family to Alaska where he remained their family pet for a long 13 years.

Dogs at the shelter are $125 and cats are $70.

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