01/04/2013 02:52 am ET Updated Jan 04, 2013

'Two And A Half Men': Walden's Stress Eating Finally Catches Up To His Waistline (VIDEO)

Walden may have found what seems to be genuine love with Kate on "Two and a Half Men," but it's a love built on lies. Living as a destitute man named Sam Wilson is starting to weigh on him. So much so that he's even started to gain weight. With all the binge eating he's doing and the hair he's losing, his future isn't looking pretty.

This week's episode saw Kate head off for a trip to New York's Fashion Week in an attempt to fulfill her dream. She thought she was travelling on Alan's $100,000 generosity, not knowing that it was really Walden's money. He hasn't even been able to enjoy the additional $1.2 billion he's making in the sale of his latest business venture.

Instead, three weeks after Kate left, Alan found him alone in the apartment he shares with Kate. He was stuffing his face with ribs, bloated and looking terrible. "Holy fat!" was the only response Alan could muster upon seeing Walden's gut hanging over his pants.

Walden is going to have to come clean, but will Kate forgive him for letting them struggle when he had all that money? Watch the truth come out as "Two and a Half Men" continues, Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. EST on CBS.

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