01/05/2013 10:17 am ET

Sextuplets Get Christened: '6 Little McGhees' (VIDEO)

It's a day of love, laughter, reflections and faith on the "6 Little McGhees" as the entire family surrounds parents Mia and Rozonno McGhee and their sextuplets for the children's christening.

But like every other day in the McGhee Household, this one is chaotic, as the adults get the children ready to head to the church. "It absolutely takes an army to help out with our kids, so we had everybody we could that was free today," Mia says in this clip.

While the morning is hectic, Mia is happy to see all her friends and family at the church. "It was wonderful," she says.

After each of the children is blessed by the pastor, Ro shares the deep love he has for his family. "To have my wife standing by my side, and we're looking at our children... I just know their future is bright," he says. "What more can I ask for?"

While the day is about the children's christening, it also is a day of reflection. When Mia's nieces get into an argument, Mia takes the opportunity to stress to them the importance of family and sibling love.

"You fall out and that is just a natural part of life. We clash," Mia says. "You and your sister always have fights. But you guys still love each other."

Mia says that's the same lesson she tries to teach her children. When they fight, she tells them, "I don't care what happened with your brother, how you feel," she says. "He is still your brother and you're going to love him."

Ro says he grew up the opposite type of household, and wants to change that pattern with his own family. "My mother, being on drugs, put a wedge between my brothers and I," he says. "She didn't know how to bring us together. And so now that I'm a parent, I'm going to break that cycle."

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