01/07/2013 12:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bill Hader Graces Cover Of New York Magazine's Self-Help Issue (PHOTO)

Unfortunately, we can't all be as talented as Bill Hader, but in a special self-help issue of New York Magazine, the "Saturday Night Live" star offers a few tips on how to be the best Bill Hader you can be.

Hader graces the cover of the February 2013 issue (twice, technically) and also wrote "7 Steps To Becoming A Highly Effective Bill Hader" inside. We think you'll find some of his suggestions really useful, such as, "Try anything—except porn. Don’t say no to anything—except porn," and "Outsource: I have two children and fifteen nannies." But our favorite has to be Hader's brilliant idea to use his "SNL" voices to get things done in his daily life:

"Voices are a good way to get in and out of things. James Carville constantly calls my wife to say I’ll be home late. Mandy Patinkin and Al Pacino call to get me restaurant reservations."

Check out the cover photo below and click over to to read the rest of Hader's tips.

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