01/07/2013 02:02 pm ET

David Sokol, Ex-Warren Buffett Exec, Slams Billionaire, Saying He'll 'Leave His Verdict To A Higher Power'

One of Warren Buffett's ex-employees is lashing out against his former boss.

David Sokol, a man who once seemed on-track to succeed Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway, called out the billionaire in a Wall Street Journal story over the weekend.

"I will never understand why Mr. Buffett chose to hurt my family in such a way, but given that he is rapidly approaching his judgement [sic] day I will leave his verdict to a higher power," Mr. Sokol wrote in an emailed response to the WSJ.

Sokol's statement comes almost two years after he left Buffett's company over questionable stock trades and just days after Sokol's lawyer announced that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission would not charge Sokol with insider trading. Back in 2011, immediately following his departure, Buffett called Sokol’s actions “inexplicable and inexcusable.”

It's rare for an ex-employee to lash out against Buffett. The self-made billionaire generally has a great relationship with his executives and "gives them lots of room to manage their companies," according to the WSJ. The Berkshire CEO, sometimes called the Oracle of Omaha, is also beloved in the financial community, with investors, financial media and even President Obama touting his ideas.

Sokol, an Omaha native just like Buffett, appeared to be in the Buffett-loving camp until he resigned. Buffett had formerly called Sokol "an enormously talented builder and operator,"according to the AP.

After leaving Berkshire Hathaway, Sokol went on to start a private equity firm called Teton Capital. Sokol says he has no plans to rekindle his relationship with Buffett anytime soon, Fox Business reports.

“I haven’t spoken to Warren and I don’t want to...the notion that I violated some company policy is absurd,” Sokol told Fox Business.



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