01/07/2013 06:49 am ET

'Gator Boys': In The Water, Paul Thinks He's Being Hunted By A Gator He's Noosed (VIDEO)

The "Gator Boys" are pretty confident around alligators, but that confidence can get shaken pretty easily when one of the beasts acts out of character. In Florida on a routine hunt, one gator's behavior had Paul Bedard getting more than just a little nervous. He started to wonder if his life was in danger.

He'd noosed the alligator, which is a pretty routine process usually. But it is a dangerous one, as the person is in the water with the alligator.

As Paul explained, "Usually when you noose a gator, he’s fighting to go away from you." But this gator wasn't doing that. Instead, it was following Paul, leading him to suspect maybe the gator was hunting him.

The odds of someone being able to outswim an alligator are almost nothing. If you’re close and he wants to go for it, you have no chance," he said.

Luckily, Paul wasn't injured and they were able to bring the gator into the boat. Paul was surprised by the animal's behavior, as it didn't seem to be afraid of humans at all. It had been trying to intimidate him in the water.

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