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Stay On Top Of Cleaning Your Kitchen By Running Your Dishwasher Daily, Says Blogger A Slob Comes Clean (PHOTO)

Sometimes the trick to cleaning and organizing your home is just knowing where to start. All month long we'll be chatting with our favorite online experts to get their best tips and ideas for getting a fresh start.

Making new habits is one small way to keep your house under control, but that's easier said than done. But Dana from A Slob Comes Clean and author of ebook 28 Days to Hope for Your Home tells her readers that if they start with their kitchen, there's hope for the rest of the house!

She suggests running your dishwasher every single night and unloading it in the morning instead of using the excuse that you are waiting until it's completely full to start it. Take the time to look around the house, because chances are you'll find some water glasses or kids' stuff that can be added to the appliance. If you let the sink pile up with dirty dishes, you'll most likely end up using double the detergent and water trying to tackle them all at once. And this way you'll never run into the problem where you've run out of clean forks.

run dishwasher every day

Illustration by Raydene Salinas

A Slob Comes Clean's favorite go-to tool: Microfiber dish cloths. Because they're really incredible for getting tough stuff off counters, like dried pancake batter.

An unusual item she cleans with: Cloth diapers! Dana suggests to use what you have, and after getting several of these as gifts for the birth of her children, she now finds them great for dusting. And they make her smile as she does the task too.

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