01/07/2013 02:09 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Shooting Victim Stumbles Into Bar Filled With Nurses In Minneapolis, Survives

A man staggered into a Minneapolis bar around 1 a.m. Sunday, and the bartender thought he was asking for a shot.

The man was actually saying he had been shot.

Luckily for the shooting victim, a 22-year-old whose name has not been released by police, Maxwell's American Pub was filled with nurses that night, the Star Tribune reported. Three different groups of nurses just happened to be inside the establishment, with a total of six nurses in all.

Psychiatric nurse Tim Carew, 40, told the Tribune that the man, who was suffering from six gunshot wounds, was "leaking blood" and that "he needed to lay down or risk going into shock."

Carew said the nurses applied pressure using bar towels and used the victim's belt to make a tourniquet. They were able to successfully slow the bleeding until paramedics arrived to transport the man to a hospital. Nurses who had gotten blood on them were later tested to make sure they had not contracted any diseases.

Maxwell's picked up the tab for all the nurses present.

The shooting had occurred at Bobby and Steve's Auto World, about a block away from Maxwell's, WCCO reported. Police told the station that shots were exchanged between two cars before a security guard joined in the fray.

According to the Star Tribune, the wounded man was not one of the shooters.

The unidentified man will reportedly survive the shooting, which EMT Kyle Murdock -- who was not involved in this incident -- says is extremely lucky, given the circumstances.

"There's a huge risk of infection when you are treating someone in a non-sterile environment," Murdock told The Huffington Post. "Obviously he would have died without intervention, but an infection from non-sterile treatment could still kill him after."



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