01/08/2013 09:02 am ET

Bottle Opener That Tracks Your Beer Intake (PHOTO)

Every lush should have one.

If the morning after a night of drinking usually means a hazy recollection of the events that took place and unexplainable tattoos/injuries on your person, it's high time you get the beer tracker bottle opener.

The beer tracker bottle opener does something all bottle openers should do, it counts how many beers you've had to drink (by keeping track of how many bottles you've opened). And when it gets to the double digits, you should probably stop.

While we're fans of bottle openers in general (they open our beers!), we really like it when they get creative, like the beer hammer did. The beer tracker bottle opener is not only creative, but doubly functional. It could be just the thing that lush in your life needs (and we mean you).

There are some problems with this bottle opener as a means to limit your alcohol intake (so seriously, don't count on it to change your life in any way). For one, it's a bottle opener, so it is in essence encouraging you to drink. Two, if you've not drinking bottled beer, it is not tracking your drinks. Three, if you want an accurate reading, you have to be a jerk and refuse to open anyone else's beer. But if all those restrictions don't bother you, the Beer Tracker Bottle Opener is a steal at only $4.99.

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