01/08/2013 02:39 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2013

CollegeHumor Launches Average Student Scholarship

Just because some people aren't special doesn't mean they should go unrecognized.

The comedy website CollegeHumor announced Tuesday it will give away two $5,000 scholarships to lucky-but-average students for "being themselves." In a statement announcing the scholarship, CollegeHumor argued that plenty of funds already help academically gifted students, but staff wanted to create an award for the "majority of students who fall somewhere in the middle."

“Some of the funniest, longest-serving writers at CollegeHumor—myself included—were unexceptional students," said Streeter Seidell, editor-in-chief of "We did our work and got decent grades, but we never really stood out in either direction academically. And now, in these difficult economic times, it's getting harder and harder for average students like we were to get free money for no reason at all."

To enter, a student must be a freshman, sophomore or junior in college. Then they'll need to submit an essay no longer than 1,000 words explaining "why they deserve to be declared the most average student." The CollegeHumor staff will pick two winners -- one male student, one female -- based on the "academic averageness, humor and originality" of their submissions.

To figure out if someone is eligible, potential applicants might ask themselves these questions CollegeHumor posed:

Did you sign up for three clubs but never attend meetings? Is your GPA a 2.1? Would some of your professors have a hard time remembering if you were in their class? If so, enter now! We hope you're not exceptional.

Their one request: "Please, don't impress us."



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