01/08/2013 10:26 pm ET

Powell Street Walgreens to Include Juice Bar, Luxury Wine (PHOTOS)

In addition to gum, deodorant and listerine, shoppers at the soon-to-open Walgreens on Powell Street will be able to add "$2,000 bottle of wine" to their shopping lists.

What will set this Walgreens apart from the 60-plus others monopolizing the city? For starters, a bakery, juice bar and fine alcohol.

Previously ranked one of the five worst Walgreens in San Francisco by the SFist for poor service and "pile of crap" near the front entrance, the Powell Street location began under going renovations over the summer. The store will take over the second floor location where Lori's Diner used to exist.

The revamped San Francisco shop is part of Walgreens' larger efforts to shed its drugstore image. The flagship megastore Chicago's Wicker Park offers an "eyebrow bar" and sushi counter in addition to more typical products. The vision is called the "Well Experience," according to a Walgreens Press Release.

"Our opportunity now is to combine the best locations in America with an outstanding customer and patient experience," CEO Gregory D. Wasson said in a statement. "We are stepping out of the traditional drugstore format and creating something unique, new and special."

The Union Square drugstore emporium is slated to open its doors this spring.

In the meantime, take a look at a few other San Francisco institutions we wish would "mega" themselves:



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