01/08/2013 10:17 am ET

Tommy Chong On Justin Bieber Weed Allegations: Famous Stoner Gives His 2 Cents (VIDEO)

If anyone is qualified to comment on Justin Bieber's reported dabbles in marijuana use, it's this guy.

TMZ asked famous stoner Tommy Chong whether he thinks more highly of Bieber now that the pop singer "allegedly smokes the gong," to which Chong laughed and replied, "Of course. I knew he was smoking before he knew it."

Chong, who is best known for the pot-friendly Cheech & Chong movies and for being an outspoken advocate for marijuana legalization, credits Bieber's singing and dancing abilities to smoking weed, calling him a "superstar."

"You don't get talent like that by drinking alcohol," Chong said. "The herb, man, the herb."

When asked whether the images of Bieber possibly smoking a joint might damage the singer's image, Chong brushed off the thought and listed other popular stars who have been caught toking up, including Miley Cyrus and Michael Phelps. "Weed is as mainstream as can be," Chong said, citing recent legalizations in states like Washington and Colorado.

At least Bieber knows he has some support from the No. 1 weed man himself. Your turn, Snoop Lion.



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