01/09/2013 12:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Aaron Hernandez And Tony Gonzalez, Latinos With A Shot At Superbowl Stardom

By Michael Lopez


Believe it or not, we’re less than a month away from “The Big Game.” And even if your fantasy football leagues didn’t go exactly as planned, there are still plenty of gridiron greats to root for. We, for one, are stoked that a few Tr3s faves still have a shot at championship rings, though they’ll have to prove their worth this weekend to get them.

Tight end Aaron Hernandez will be taking the field on Sunday, when his Patriots battle the Houston Texans. It’s no surprise that New England is favored to go far and if Aaron does make it to the Super Bowl, it’ll be his second visit in a row.

But whether he wins or loses, this Puerto Rican pigskin champ has a very positive outlook about the almighty Pats.

“Being a fan & playing for the team you rooted for as a child is the best feeling in the world,” Hernandez recently wrote on his Twitter page.

For Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, clinching a Super Bowl victory is much more significant. Tony is a full 13 years older than Aaron and could be in the midst of his last NFL season. And despite breaking countless records on the field, Gonzalez has yet to get his hands on a championship ring.

Of course if his Falcons can defeat the dreaded Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Tony has a very good chance. Atlanta already has bragging rights with a NFC South victory, but hasn’t appeared at The Big Game since 1999.

Sadly, most of our other NFL Tr3s faves met their demise two Sundays ago. Victor Cruz and the New York Giants wound up getting edged out by the Washington Redskins for the NFC East title. And Mark Sanchez’ New York Jets had a bumpy run in 2012, ranking third in the AFC, beneath the Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.

But we can definitely root for Tony and Aaron. And even if you’ve got your heart set on the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49’ers, there will be a Hispanic presence on their roster. Both teams have at least one Latina on their cheerleading squads.

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