01/09/2013 03:49 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Alicia Young's Cleavage: Spanish Blogger's Breasts Take Over The Internet (PHOTOS)

Alicia Young's Cleavages

With over 3.5 million hits in two months and thousands of followers on her social networks, the Spanish blog "Alicia’s Cleavages" offers just what it states so smoothly in its domain: cleavages, cleavages and more cleavages.

Under the assumed name of Alicia Young, a young Spanish woman is posting pictures of herself with various sexy outfits while doing her daily chores like cooking, reading, or modeling -- in which she makes sure to always hide her face.

Discovered in various Internet forums and websites, until now the Internet sensation has just revealed that she is a 31-year-old engineer from the city of Valencia, who has just been promoted at work, and is single.

"I want no more than to brighten people's lives. And if I am able to do so for a little while, without hurting anyone, in the moment that the country is living, then the blog is worthwhile!" she told Spanish newspaper Las Provincias.

In many of the photographs Alicia takes the opportunity to send personalized messages to her fans, some even protesting a specific issues that affect Spaniards, like employee cuts in local newspapers, or to celebrate festivities like Christmas or Three Kings.

Despite rumors about whether it is a ploy of some internet porn pro, she denies everything and says the idea came up in a conversation with a friend about how vulgar sex is portrayed on the Internet. The blogger also assures that even though she has received offers for her blog, for now she has no intentions of making money from it.

"I’m not doing this for money. It started as a joke but now I’m having fun and I like it. There are some pretty saucy photos but people know I’m never going to bare all and yet they still keep coming back,” The Sun reported.