01/09/2013 10:09 pm ET

Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar': 'Dark Knight Rises' Director Lines Up Next Project

Christopher Nolan will reportedly direct "Interstellar," a twisty new science-fiction film based on a script by his younger brother Jonathan Nolan.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the elder Nolan signed on for the film after months of negotiations. The trade paper was the first to report the news of Nolan's involvement with "Interstellar."

If "Interstellar" sounds familiar, that's because you have a great memory. The film was first reported on back in 2006, when Steven Spielberg was attached to direct; Jonathan Nolan came on to write the screenplay in 2007. As late as 2010, the idea was still in play for those two to collaborate.

According to the initial reports, "Interstellar" was based on "a scientific theory by Kip S. Thorne, a Caltech physicist and expert on relativity. His theory that wormholes exist and can be used for time travel intrigued Spielberg, who attended a Caltech workshop on the subject with Thorne and other scientists." Per THR, that logline has basically remained the same: The film will follow a group of scientists who travel through a wormhole into another dimension.

"Interstellar" would be Nolan's first post-Batman project. The director is set up as a producer on "Man of Steel," and had previously shot down the idea of directing "Justice League" for Warner Bros. Obviously no casting has been announced yet, but don't be surprised if names like Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Christian Bale and Michael Caine get mentioned as possible stars, if only because of their prior relationships with the director.

For more on "Interstellar," including why Nolan's deal was so difficult to put together, head over to THR.

[via THR]

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