01/09/2013 10:28 am ET

City Finds Over 20 Stoplights Unnecessary, Plans On Removal

These signs appeared all over Downtown and Midtown within the last month or so, hinting that various traffic lights might soon be removed. Traffic lights aren't exactly the sexiest topic of conversation, but they do hold sway over whether or not you end up stoping your car in a not-so-safe area after dark, or whether you're able to cross Detroit's extra-wide streets without fearing death by Chevrolet. As citizen-bloggers, we felt it our duty to place some probing calls and figure out the city's plan for these intersections. We spoke with Daniel Cook, Assistant Traffic Engineer at the city's Traffic Engineering Division, who let us in on the Detroit's master traffic light "optimization" plan for the Downtown and Midtown areas. And we put it all in a map, so check it out and see if your most hated light might soon meet its maker.

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