01/09/2013 07:22 am ET

Josh Gad Tells Leno He's Wearing Spanx To The White House Screening Of '1600 Penn' (VIDEO)

Josh Gad dropped by "The Tonight Show" to chat up his new White House comedy "1600 Penn." He wound up sharing his time with Jay Leno's earlier guest, Emma Stone. The two are friends, which explains why Stone was giving him a ton of grief throughout his interview. At one time, she inexplicably stuck her finger in his ear, saying, "What made me do that?”

"I honestly hate what you've become," Gad deadpanned.

He talked about his concerns about going to the White House screening of "1600 Penn." He seemed particularly concerned about meeting First Lady Michelle Obama.

"I wanna look my best and I’m wearing a suit and I don’t wanna look too heavy because of her whole thing. So I’m wearing what they call Spanx," he explained. He felt he needed to look as trim as possible considering the First Lady's emphasis on health and fitness with her Let's Move! campaign.

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