01/09/2013 12:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Laz Alonso Stars As FBI Agent Will Moreno In NBC's 'Deception'

By Michael Lopez


There is no doubt that Afro-Cuban star Laz Alonso is an appealing leading man. And now NBC is hoping to capitalize on his “hunk” factor, by casting him in a lead role on their steamy nighttime soap "Deception."

Alonso plays Will Moreno on the series, an FBI agent investigating the death of a famous socialite. Blending elements of mystery, intrigue and romance, "Deception" almost mirrors what you’d see on a primetime novela.

And NBC is putting a lot of energy behind Laz and the cast. Deception posters have been plastered all over the nation’s biggest cities and the network scheduled its premiere during the same timeslot as the hit show, Revolution.

Will Deception heat up their ratings as much as Chicago Fire? It’s probably too soon to tell, but that’s still fine for Alonzo. He’s connected to both the Fast & Furious and Avatar franchises, so we’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of him in the months to come.

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