01/09/2013 04:48 pm ET Updated Jan 09, 2013

Monopoly Game Pieces Face Chopping Block As Hasbro Puts Them Up For Facebook Vote

Next time you sit down for a game of Monopoly, savor the chance to be the cute little Scottie dog, top hat or thimble -- one of these pieces may soon bite the dust.

Hasbro Games recently announced that it will replace one of the eight classic Monopoly game pieces with a new token. The Monopoly maker is asking its Facebook fans to vote to save one of the old tokens -- by “getting it out of jail” -- and to pick which new piece will “pass go.”

Hasbro is looking to replace Facebook users' least favorite piece with a cat, a robot, a ring or another symbol.

"There's a love affair with the token that each player has settled on over time,” Philip Orbanes, a Monopoly expert, told USA Today. “It's very seldom that you see a player not care about what token represents them on the game board."

Luckily for dog lovers, a recent look at the stats for Monopoly’s poll on Facebook shows that 34 percent of voters have chosen to save the little silver Scottie from elimination. The iron and the wheelbarrow are not nearly as safe, holding only 5 percent and 3 percent of the vote, respectively.

Monopoly fanatics will have until February 6 to save their favorite token.

If you are seriously anxious about your favorite piece being cut from the game entirely, a “Golden Token” Monopoly set with all of the original pieces will hit store shelves at Target exclusively come mid-February.

Since 1935, about 500 million people have played Monopoly and the game is licensed in 80 different countries and produced in 26 different languages.

The most expensive Monopoly game sold for $25,000 and consisted of gold and silver houses and hotels.

Not to knock Hasbro's choices for the next big game piece, but here are 8 things we think should be the next Monopoly piece:

8 Ideas For The New Monopoly Piece