01/09/2013 08:30 am ET Updated Jan 09, 2013

Nate Silver On Reddit: Pundits 'Very Delusional,' I Decided To Push Back More At Them

Nate Silver continued his crusade against political pundits during a Q&A on Reddit on Tuesday.

The New York Times blogger has made media criticism a feature of his public appearances in the wake of his newfound superstardom, and in his "Ask Me Anything" chat, he again minced no words.

Asked if he found politics or sports more frustrating to deal with, he wrote, "Politics. I don't think it's close. Between the pundits and the partisans, you're dealing with a lot of very delusional people."

Another user asked if he enjoyed taking all those jabs at pundits like Joe Scarborough, who famously scoffed at his work. Silver confessed that he had chosen to fan the flames a bit as the final weeks of the 2012 campaign wound down.

"At some point in the last few weeks of the election, I guess I decided to lean into the upside outcome a little bit in terms of pushing back at the pundits in my public appearances -- as opposed to emphasizing the uncertainty in the model, as I had for most of the year," Silver replied.

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