01/10/2013 06:39 pm ET

Kid Plays Xylophone, Elevates Performance To A Whole New Level (VIDEO)

School recitals and orchestra performances are usually pretty standard affairs: 20-30 children group together and perform cute renditions of classics like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Baby Beluga" while adoring parents look on.

But that tired, old model simply can't contain this little tyke on the xylophone. This kid knows how to push the school-recital envelope in a totally different (and awesome) direction.

Though we have to wonder: Why wasn't the precocious performer assigned to the drums?

Maybe in a couple years the youngster can team up with this toddler tantrum rocker, and they can form a badass band. (One can only hope.)

(h/t Reddit)