01/10/2013 12:28 pm ET

Mike Huckabee: Gun Violence Push Shows Obama Has 'Nothing But Contempt For The Constitution'

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Wednesday accused President Barack Obama and his administration of preparing to breach the Constitution with a recently announced initiative to address gun violence in the wake of the December mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

“Does this administration have nothing but contempt for the Constitution and the Congress?” he told Newsmax in an email. “How can an ‘executive order’ trump not only the actual text of the Constitution, but the checks and balances of power in which no branch could act unilaterally and with indifference to the other branches?"

On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden, leader of the White House's gun violence task force, announced that the administration was intent on taking meaningful action on the issue. According to a pool report, Biden also determined that "executive action can be taken" by the president, a phrase that sent shockwaves across conservative media.

The right-wing Drudge Report responded by putting up a picture on its front page showing dictators Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. While nobody in the administration has released any specific policy proposals on the matter, other conservative outlets were quick to stir fears of an impending gun grab by the federal government.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh went as far as to warn listeners that Obama was, without a doubt, coming for their guns.

Though there's been no evidence to suggest any such plan by the president, and his viable options for unilateral action on gun control are actually quite minimal, Huckabee warned the administration to keep its hands off his guns.

“When Joe Biden and Barack Obama give up the vast amount of guns that protect them, then the rest of us will consider giving up the guns that protect our homes and our families,” Huckabee told Newsmax.



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