01/10/2013 05:44 pm ET

'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe Won't Remain 'Born-Again Virgin' On Show, Says Former 'Bachelorette'

Can "The Bachelor" Sean Lowe find love this season as a "born-again virgin"? Not if you believe what former "Bachelorette" Jillian Harris has to say.

“Sean Lowe said he was not going to have sex? No way. He’s a friend of Arie Luyendyk. I’m not saying they are players, but I don’t believe him. If what he is saying is true, then it's a huge mistake. How can you really know if you have met the person if you don't have sex with them? I don’t believe him.”

Sean, who first appeared on "The Bachelorette" but was ultimately dumped by Emily Maynard, has sworn off sex until marriage, a first for the hit TV dating show.

"He’s not my type -- he looks a little too much like a Ken doll, but he seems nice,” says Jillian. “I just can’t get over the whole sex thing. What happens if he doesn't meet the right person -- he just won’t have sex until he does? This is crazy, as it's a huge part of a healthy relationship."

Jillian argues that you have as much of a chance at finding love on the show as you do in real life, and compares the experience to a lottery; you have to be in it to win it. Since leaving the show, Jillian has teamed up with Philadelphia Cream Cheese and the company's online community Real Women of Philadelphia, an interactive website that allows women across the country to share their favorite recipes, become friends and swap stories on all kinds of topics, including relationships. Plus, she has finally found Mr. Right in her own backyard.

“I haven’t talked a lot about it, but I’ve been dating someone about eight months. My family loves him; he loves me for who I am. It’s possible to find the love of your life in any venue, including on TV. Finding love is hard and I wish Sean luck, especially on keeping his pants on.”



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