01/11/2013 09:22 am ET

'Glee' Star Chris Colfer Talks Fear Of Singing

Kurt (Chris Colfer) may have his insecurities on "Glee," but singing never seemed to be one of them.

But according to Colfer, belting out tunes is no easy feat.

"I don't sing unless I have to. Or in the shower," the actor told Vulture. "Honestly, singing is my biggest fear. I never participate in group singing activity."

While he noted that singing in the studio while taping "Glee" episodes isn't nearly as nerve-wracking, Colfer admitted the "Glee" live tour, which ran from 2010 to 2011, was difficult.

"I wish I [had conquered my fear of public singing] on the 'Glee' live tour ... I just force myself to go out there, even when I'm shaking," he said.

While Kurt is thriving on "Glee" -- he nabbed a coveted "Vogue" internship -- the openly gay Colfer recently opened up about not wanting to be typecast.

"People tried typecasting me before they even saw me in anything else," he said in an interview. "I never understood that –- why don’t you wait until my next project before you start telling what my career is going to look like for the next ten years?"

"Glee" returns on Thurs., Jan. 24 at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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