01/11/2013 01:31 pm ET

'C'mon' Video: Ke$ha & Furries Because It's Art Obviously

"C'mon," the second single off Ke$ha's super sleepy album "Warrior," has a video in which the singer walks around, licks a lollipop and humps things. We watched this, so you don't have to. Here's what we noticed:

  1. Oh wow, it says "420" on that paper. Edgy!
  2. Lollipop.
  3. She works at "Awful House," where she gets yelled at for being late and slapped on the bum by her boss, which is admittedly pretty crappy.
  4. The gentleman asking for coffee looks like Buddy Garrity from "Friday Night Lights." Also he's asking for coffee but clearly his cup is already full.
  5. She quit by dropping her lollipop in Garrity's coffee cup.
  6. There's a storm-a-brewin'.
  7. The intro for this song is actually sort of cool. It could have been a Justice track.
  8. There are furries! And she's in a fan with a scuzzy mattress!
  9. That bathtub is heart-shaped, and the mattress is round. Everything is very decadently shaped.
  10. These furries are actually sort of scary.
  11. This is worse than that time she lied to me about writing her own music.
  12. There's a giant piece of bubble gum. Candy will always be pop music's second or third favorite drug.
  13. She turned the bodega operator into a cat! What!
  14. BMW paid for product placement in a Ke$ha video? Whoever arranged that should be fired. Folks watching Ke$ha videos are not buying BMW speedbikes.
  15. This song is pretty catchy.
Maybe she's really just going all-in on the "Teen Mom" demographic.
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