01/11/2013 05:11 pm ET

Patti Stanger: Bethenny Frankel Will Want To Date An A-Lister Next

As Bethenny Frankel’s divorce gets ugly, a fellow Bravo TV celebrity told The Huffington Post that the "skinny girl" needs to watch out.

“There is no 100 percent pre-nup,” said "Millionaire Matchmaker" star Patti Stanger. “I hope it doesn't get ugly. I don't know if it's a lawyer’s ploy to ask for everything and then you can work your way down in negotiations, which make sense. But if she did ask Jason Hoppy for child support, and if she really has the money she says she has, why would she need his money? He’s, like, a pharmaceutical salesman.”

It has been reported that in the divorce papers, Frankel asks for child support retroactive from the date she filed for divorce, plus medical, dental, optical, therapeutic, and orthodontic expenses and life insurance for her and her child.

“I really hope she remembers at the end of the day this is one child, two parents,” said Stanger. “He helped her build her business. We saw that on her show. She always wanted him to run it. You have to be fair. She made the money after they were married. She sold Skinnygirl after they were married. So now she’s in that situation and what happens? She’s going to have to pay him out. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian can't work it out -- it's the same story. They are going to have to pay him out and get rid of him. All pre-nups can be broken.”

And when the ex-real housewife wants to start dating again, Stanger said it’s not going to be easy for her to find a match.

“She’s going to want an A-lister because she likes fame, that's for sure," Stanger said. "I don't know if that would happen for her. I would go after an entrepreneur like her. Marry your match, which is your mirror, because she likes money.”



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