01/14/2013 10:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Top Three Ways To Combat Belly Fat, From Jackie Warner (VIDEO)

When celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner joined me on Mondays With Marlo, she had some wonderful advice to give about fighting what we all dread: belly fat.

First, hormone imbalance has a lot to do with belly fat, Jackie said. To get balanced, get enough sleep -- cortisol, the hormone responsible for storing belly fat, is released when you don't. Try eating cottage cheese before bed; it's a great source of protein and a natural relaxant. Second, don't waste your time doing crunches. Movements that work both your upper and lower body, like a reverse crunch, are much more effective. Finally, incorporate big movements like squats and pushups into your routine. These moves work your core significantly.

For more ways to keep in shape, check out Jackie's favorite tips:

Getting Fit With Jackie Warner

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