01/11/2013 06:51 am ET Updated Jan 11, 2013

'Two And A Half Men' Tackles Big Musical Number About How Walden Is A Douche (VIDEO)

Alan's enthusiasm for the Broadway musical inspired Walden to imagine himself in the middle of a huge musical number on "Two and a Half Men." The theme of the piece? What a huge douche he was.

Walden finally came clean to Kate about his true identity -- and billions of dollars -- but it proved perhaps too much for her to handle. He had, after all, allowed them to struggle while he was pretending to be destitute. Then there's the matter of him setting her up with a potential reason to stay in New York now that her showing at Fashion Week garnered some interest. In the end, though, it came down to trust and Walden had broken hers.

At his lowest point, he imagined an elaborate musical number all about what a terrible person he was. He did get a final chance to talk to her, when she'd realized that he had financed her dream. Still, she needs to take some time to think about what he's done. So is this the last Walden will see of Kate?

Did "Two and a Half Men" jump the shark with a musical number? Keep watching to see what stunts they pull next on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. EST on CBS.

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