01/11/2013 05:43 pm ET

Wedding Disaster: Child Gives Dad Poop During Wedding

When left to their own devices, kids tend to make their own fun. And sometimes, the outcome is kind of horrifying -- and disgusting.

HuffPost Weddings blogger Karima El Hakkaoui spoke to HuffPost Live on Friday about a friend's three-year-old son who once stirred up trouble at a wedding. The little boy crawled under the table during a wedding reception, and everyone thought he was just playing -- until he called for his dad.

"My friend absentmindedly reached down under the table to caress his son and instead got a little, tiny, stinky turd in his hand," El Hakkaoui said. "Instead of getting a cuddle, he got a poop."

Watch the video above for all the (icky) details.

Weddings are not often kid-friendly, so last month El Hakkaoui shared her 10 tips for dealing with children at weddings on HuffPost. But sometimes kids provide the most memorable moments of the day -- remember the flower girl who fell asleep at the altar and the annoyed Royal Wedding girl?

Click through the slideshow below to watch 18 of the most hilarious wedding fails.

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